Our Services

Why sell your jewelry to Holmes Jewelry and Watch?

We Pay The Highest Prices:

Unlike the vast majority of antique and estate jewelry buyers, we will compare the offers that the competition gives you and do our very best to give you the highest price.

Not only that, but you will not have to wait to receive a check in the mail. We pay cash on the spot. 

Credentials and Knowledge:

We combine our credentials and experience with the highest measure of honesty and integrity. We have our full-time certified Gemologist and Watchmaker to assist in answering any questions that you may have and to guide you through the process of selling your pieces.

The Process:

We purchase only through direct sale. We do not offer consignment on any pieces. After arriving at a mutually agreed upon price, we will pay you cash on the spot. 

If you have access to an every day quality digital camera and are technically able to email us a few good pictures to johnholmes1974@aol.com.  You can even text us your photos, and we can usually give a pre-evaluation over the telephone at 817.304.2990.  Please include any information such as diamond certificates and appraisals.

However, before we can determine the actual amount we are willing to pay, we must of course see the piece[s] in person. We can meet with your estate sale company to relieve any added stress during a time of personal loss. For large collections or very high value pieces we can arrange to visit you at your home, business or bank vault.

What do we buy?

The list below is by no means complete as we are always buying beautiful antique and estate jewelry, diamonds, gemstones, timepieces, accessories, silver hollow ware and even dental gold.  

We are particularly interested in purchasing older estate and antique diamonds and gemstones, with a premium paid for the original, vintage settings.


We specialize in both modern and older cut diamonds, and white to fancy colored diamonds from half a carat to sky's the limit.

We pay the highest price locally from modern cut diamonds to antique diamonds, old mine diamonds, European-cut diamonds and rose-cut diamonds - especially in their original settings. Vintage engagement rings are more in demand today than ever before, and we love vintage!

Precious Gemstones

We buy Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds and Fine Jade and Natural and Cultured Pearls as well as virtually every other colored gemstone, providing they are of fine quality or an element of a fine piece of jewelry. 

Antique Jewelry, Estate Jewelry and other Fine Jewelry

We buy fine jewelry from antique to modern and everything in between based on many factors, one of which is whether we believe it is marketable in the current jewelry industry. We not only purchase beautiful wearable pieces, but also broken pieces of jewelry that are beyond repair (ie. necklaces that have broken in half, rings that are missing the entire center stone, etc). 

Vintage Watches and Luxury Timepieces

​We buy vintage watches and luxury timepieces including but not limited to Rolex, Breitling, Omega, Patek Philippe, Piaget, Cartier, Tag Heuer, Jaeger LeCoultre and many more! 

Fine timepieces are evaluated based on the following criteria:

We purchase primarily mechanical or automatic wristwatches, which excludes most quartz (battery operated) watches. There are some exceptions. We consider the make, model, age, and overall cosmetic condition of the watch as well as how rare and desirable the piece is in the current market. Whether the watch is running and keeping time also play a major factor in determining value. 

How do we determine value?

Beyond the intrinsic or elemental valuations, i.e. diamonds, gemstones and precious metals contained in a piece, we carefully take into account the non-tangible qualities of fine vintage jewelry.

Intrinsic Value:
Diamonds, Gemstones, Platinum, Gold, and Silver constitute the intrinsic value of an antique and estate jewelry piece. Diamonds and gemstones are valued for their quality and rarity and have added value when accompanied with a certificate of quality. Diamonds are evaluated based on the 4 C's - Carat, Cut, Color and Clarity.
Most antique and estate jewels are one-of-a-kind. In addition to being individually hand crafted, some antique and estate jewels are made by famous jewelers such as Cartier, Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels and many others. We happily pay a large premium for fine signed pieces. 
If large diamonds and gemstones are highlighted in a fine piece of jewelry they make the jewelry even more rare and desirable. Often rarity can be solely in the unique nature of the piece of jewelry and is not predicated on the intrinsic value.
Signed jewelry, exquisite examples of period jewelry, antique and estate diamond engagement rings are highly prized today. As always, fashion trends influence the demand for certain periods, materials and gemstones.
We expect to see some signs of wear on antique and estate jewelry. Jewelry in pristine condition is rare and commands a premium, where jewelry with apparent repairs and restoration can be devalued. Alterations from the original can result in devaluation as well.

We hope this brief tutorial in selling antique jewelry, estate jewelry, antique engagement rings, diamonds and gemstones has been helpful. We are enthusiastic purchasers of single items and entire jewelry collections. We are always happy to answer your specific questions and we look forward to working with you soon.